Dargaud, 2022

Written by Tassos Apostolidis, artwork by Alecos Papadatos.

Athens, 315 BC. Theophrastus directs the Lyceum, an educational institution founded by Aristotle. A few years earlier, he had been his friend and student. Today, he is the one to pass on the teachings of the famous philosopher, according to whom ” All men by nature desire to know .” Curious about everything, Aristotle never stopped exploring the world around him, passionate about philosophy as well as astronomy, metaphysics and biology.

In this novel, we meet the wise Plato, the brilliant, arrogant Alexander (before he was ‘the Great’), the women Aristotle loved, the children in his life, and a whole cast of characters torn from the papyri of classical literature. We discover his human side with his weaknesses, threats, self-exiles, the adventures he had as a Macedonian “metoikos” in Athens, but also the recognition and accolades he received before his death, for his work and intellectual worth. Tassos Apostolidis and Alecos Papadatos narrate Aristotle’s life with humor, a form of wisdom that Aristotle most probably appreciated a great deal…

Selected pages from “Aristotle”