Bloomsbury, 2009

Written by Apostolos Doxiadis and Christos Papadimitriou, with artwork by AlecosPapadatos and Annie Di Donna.

“Logicomix” is a graphic novel published in 2009 that combines biography, history, and philosophy to explore the life and work of the philosopher and mathematician Bertrand Russell. 
The graphic novel tells the story of the quest for the foundation of mathematics and the search for logical certainty. It follows the life of Bertrand Russell and his philosophical and mathematical endeavors, including his work on the foundations of mathematics with Alfred North Whitehead and their collaborative masterpiece, “Principia Mathematica.”
“Logicomix” not only delves into Russell’s personal struggles and philosophical ideas but also provides a historical backdrop, exploring events like the rise of fascism and World War II. It aims to make complex concepts of logic and philosophy accessible to a wider audience through its engaging narrative and visual storytelling.
The graphic novel received critical acclaim for its innovative approach in merging biography and intellectual history with the medium of comics. It has been praised for its art style, compelling storytelling, and ability to tackle intricate philosophical ideas in an engaging manner.


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